_New Rurbanism
Magazin Arch+, guest editor, 2017

The global urbanization process has long determined the architectural and urban discourse. In the context of the debates on sustainability, shrinking cities and alternative practices, it is worth revisiting the dialectical relationship between city and country, which from the outset has determined the urban discourse of modernity with its social reformist tendency. The search for a new urban-rural relationship is thus to be understood as an indicator of the associated social issues.

But what dependencies or approximations of the seemingly separated and yet inseparable worlds of life of city and country exist today, where are differences found? What is the significance of having renewed interest in rural areas worldwide? And to what extent can the new rubanism serve as a conceptual foil for new design possibilities?

Contributors: Kenneth Anders, Pierre Bélanger, Paul Börsch, Giorgio Ciucci, Frank Dikötter, Marta Doehler-Behzadi, Kerstin Faber, Katja Fischer, Lars Fischer, Ulrike Guérot Jens Kersten, Claudia Neu, Philipp Oswalt, Julian Petrin, Christian Schmid, Claudia Siebeck, Manfred Speidel, Joachim Trezib, Stephan Trüby, Berthold Vogel and interviews with Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff and Anetta Kahane as well as Jörg Londong and Antje Stokman.